Dave The Wave's Classic and Cheesy Adverts from 1988, 1990 and 1992.

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 54321 The Classic 54321 chocolate biscuit bar.
 ajax   A Cheesy 80's haircut on the lady in this one.
 clarks   The Princess (wearing Clark's Magic Steps shoes) saves the goblins from the evil witch who has stolen the sunlight!
 club   If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club, featuring the characters from 'The Wizard of Oz'.
 colmans   Colman's Cooking Sauce's, not particularly cheesy though. I like the way they cut from the girl to the cow though.
 fudge   The Classic Finger of Fudge ad, the Mum with D-Reg Fiesta gives away the age.
 halls   Hall's Mentholyptus, strange ad and one of the shortest ever, only 10 secs.
 harvest   Harvest Chewy Bar, being dangerously eaten near some pesky squirrels to demonstrate how chewy it is!
 heinz   Heinz Chicken Soup with 'Souper Trooper' soldiers and 'Souper Gran'.
 heinz  Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 'It don't run run'
 jaffa cakes   Must protect those Jaffa Cakes from the pesky Munchkins!
 karate kid   Karate Kid 2 toys.
 kinder   I wish, I wish, I had a lovely surprise, with horrendously unmatched dubbed voices.
The boy in it, is also in 2 point 4 children.
 lego   Lego Space Construction.
 mccain  This is seriously cheesy, checkout the very 80's girl at the end. (and of course they're 40% less fat!)
 milky bar   The Milky Bar Kid is strong and tough, another classic.
 mr kipling   Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewell Tarts, featuring the guy from 'The Fast Show'
 my little pony   Every little girl's dream toy...
 nivea  Maybe this was the start of 'the girl who needs to wash the smells of the city from her hair' style of shampoo ad which is still popular today.
 penguin   'Do The Penguin', a classic.
 pot noodle   Rather strange Pot Noodle ad.
 sainsbury's   Very boring Sainsbury's chicken ad. At least Jamie Oliver isn't in it.
 sugar puffs   A Classic Sugar Puffs Ad (with stickers), what lyrics...
Stick 'em on your jumper, stick 'em on your thumb, stick 'em on your earhole, stick 'em on your boot! (you have to listen to get it, kids thought it was funny at the time!)
 supawrap   Supawrap loft insulation!
 vantage   Vantage Chemists, more boring than the Sainsbury's ad.
weetos   Weetos, probably the only ad with the voice of a Brummy.
 1990  All the 1990 ads were 'grabbed' from a genuine betamax VCR.
 audi  Very short and boring Audi ad.
 barclaycard  One of the series of the Barclaycard ads with Rowan Atkinson playing a James Bond style character.
 benylin  Benylin Cough Mixture, dreadful stuff.
 bounce  Bounce, the perfect solution for troublesome static in your tumble dryer.
 british gas  British Gas central heating.
 daz  The Classic Daz Ad, two of your old liquid for one bottle of Daz. Featuring the gorgeous Janet Ellis from Blue Peter.
 dime bar  Dime Bar with Harry Enfield.
 domestos  Domestos multi-surface cleaner with Murray the germ.
 fairy liquid  'New' Fairy Liquid with Nanette Newman.
 fire safety  Public Information Film, Don't let kids play with matches etc...
 golden crown  Golden Crown spread with the inimitable Willy Rushton.
 head and shoulders  Head & Shoulders shampoo with conditioner.
 heat electric  Heat Electric Advisory Team, guys in jumpsuits juggling and doing acrobatics???
 keep warm  Public Information Film. Tips on keeping warm for crumblies/coffin dodgers.
 kellog's  Does eating common sense cereal make you more intelligent?
 lead in paint  Public Information Film. How to remove paint with lead in it.
 lenor  Lenor is the best conditioner.
 metro  Buy a Metro.
 renault  One of the first cars with remote central locking?
 renault  And digital display radio?
 the leeds  The Leeds with Arfur Daley.
 ulay soap  Ulay cream soap, why does she only wash her cheeks? Why is it now called Olay?
 uniroyal  The classic orangutan ad for tyres.
 vick's sinex  Everybody remembers the Vick's Sinex teacher.
 vick's vaporub  Vic's Vaporub with the kid that looks like the guitarist in Kajagoogoo.
 golf  VW Golf ad with the girl with squeaky earrings.
 weetabix  Trojan horse weetabix ad.
 boost   Slightly rippled with a flat underside, featuring Vic & Bob.
 caramel   Take it easy with Cadbury's Caramel.
 carling black label   Carling Black Label ad with the mind reader, mildly amusing.
 fido dido   7UP Ad with Fido Dido (whoever he was!)
 guinness   Guinness Draught in cans ad with the blonde Twins.
 hammerite   Hammerite, 'any old iron' great lyrics and tune.
 ruffles   What does that mean? Featuring a Mexican wave.
 tennent's pilsner   Tennent's Pilsner (with everybody walking backwards) Probably one the best made ads of all time.
 toshiba  Toshiba, 'She's the girl that makes the thing that holds the thing that oils the ring....'
 wrigley's   Wrigley's, a timeless classic which has been 'recycled' many times since.

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